Growth + Integrity

Parker Evensen started Honest SEO (now Honest Digital) in 2019 after a decade in SEO and digital marketing. Parker worked on SEO campaigns for plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, managed SEO campaigns for websites that generate 20 million visitors a month, and has worked with hundreds of businesses to improve their online visibility. After entering automotive, he saw just how many agencies weren’t delivering on their promises and weren’t achieving strong results for their clients. So, he started Honest Digital in order to deliver cutting-edge results, while also doing it with transparency at the same time.

We pride ourselves on offering digital marketing services with integrity. We’re interested in: getting you great results, ensuring you feel comfortable and satisfied, communicating frequently, openly, and clearly, and charging only what we’re worth. Honest Digital wants to see your business flourish. Honest Digital wants you to keep coming back month after month because you can see the difference we’re making and new customers/clients continue to walk through your door. Honest Digital wants to reclaim the idea of offering direct, open, and Honest Digital and digital marketing services to businesses and professionals.

At Honest Digital, we get it. You’re not an expert in SEO and digital marketing, because it’s not your job to be an expert in SEO and digital marketing. But we understand that you want results. You want to harness the power of the Internet. You want to pull in customers from online sources so you can have a profitable business and do exactly what you set out to do. Let us help you.