Double Your Leads With The Same Budget

99% of Auto Dealers do some sort of paid search advertising through Google Ads, but most digital advertising agencies don’t report on the number of phone calls or form submissions that they deliver on those ads. Agencies typically show how they delivered more VDP views or SRP views on your advertising, or how they’ve achieved a higher impression share.

Our SEM philosophy is grounded in ROI. We show you exactly how many more leads you received and at what cost. We care about our dealers getting the best return on their marketing spend as possible, and we vastly outperform the automotive industry standards:

  • Average Cost Per Lead: $15.00 (3x better than industry standards)
  • Average Cost Per Click: $1.63 ($1 less than industry standards)
  • Average Conversion Rate: 12.63% (2x higher than industry standards)

We deliver triple the number of phone calls and form submissions than other paid advertising agencies in the automotive industry, and we’re completely transparent about what we do and how do it. Contact us to learn more about how we can take your paid search advertising to the next level today.